Product Overview

DANOVAFit tests are simple DNA saliva-based swab tests for nutrition, diet and fitness. These tests are based entirely on genetics and provide information on individual genetic predisposition in terms of nutrition, diet and fitness. The DanovaFit analysis reports allow you to create a personalized diet and nutrition plan and/or to optimise your training to achieve best possible sporting results.

Health And Nutrition Test

Fitness Test

Your DANOVAFit test will reveal a unique scientific deep-dive in to a number of key areas. Using the power of your DNA, the DANOVAFit Fitness Test reveal your genetic power or endurance potential, injury risk, recovery speed, personal post-exercise recovery nutrition needs and your aerobic (VO2 max) potential.

The DANOVAFit Health & Nutrition Test will reveal in-depth information such as ideal diet suited to your genes, carbohydrate and saturated fat sensitivity, lactose and gluten intolerance predisposition, your body´s detoxification ability, anti-oxidant needs, personal micronutrient needs as well as your salt, caffeine and alcohol sensitivity.

Taking a DANOVAFit test is very easy - simply chose the test you would like to take and order your kit online or by phone. You have the option to receive the kit by courier or to collect it in-person from our offices. Once you have taken the test following the instructions given, you can either send the addressed envelope to us by courier or drop it off at our offices. Your results and full report will be sent to you via email within 21working days.
The DANOVAFit test results are based on expert interpretation of the prevailing scientific research.  This test represents the best knowledge currently available on the link between genetics and nutrition and fitness, respectively.

The studies behind the science

We use hundreds of studies to bring you the genetic information in the DANOVAFit report. Take a look below at some reference papers to give you an insight into the world of exercise and nutrigenomics.

  • Genes, athlete status and training - an overview
  • Genetic risk factors for musculoskeletal soft tissue injuries
  • Variants within the COL5A1 gene are associated with Achilles tendinopathy in two populations
  • Genetic research in modern sport
  • Genetic testing in exercise and sport
  • Genetic influence on athletic performance
  • The BASES expert statement on genetic research and testing in sport and exercise science
Latest Research
The DANOVAFit tests are not designed to and should not be used for general health or medical purposes. They solely focus on the role that some of our genes play in relation to our diet, nutrition and sporting profiles.